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Programs Manager

As Programs Manager you will be leading all of our day to day activities for Wetech from, social media and community management to organizing events and programs for the organization. You may advise on initiative development/execution and report directly to the Founder. This role is fully remote (must be in Lagos) and full time.

Apply here: Application

Ideal Candidate

Ideal candidate:

  • Woman

  • Autonomous

  • Excellent communication and organization skills

  • Social/networking bird.

  • Experience building communities.

  • A huge plus if you’re technical and/or familiar with startups.


Not limited to the below responsibilities, you will:

  • Prepare and manage budgets for running Wetech programs.

  • Set, monitor and report on goals.

  • Manage Wetech social/communication mediums.

  • Identify/create new initiatives for the organization's target audience.

  • Lead and execute events, programs and goals set forth by the org.

  • Managing and establishing relationships with tech companies/organizations to support the goal of the org.

  • Any other activity or work regarding running wetech daily activities.

Pay Range/Benefits

N200-300K/month. Health Insurance, WiFi Stipend, Meals some days of the week, and Flexible paid time off (Up to 12 weeks/year).

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